We love Miami!

Our vision is to seek the renewal of cities by helping people connect life to the way of Jesus.

Jesus promised that He is making all things new, and we have the privilege of being invited into this renewal process. Join us in this exciting pursuit by partnering with time, talent, and treasure.


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We are always looking for new city projects to engage in, ways to support our members in missions, and long-term ministry partners (we call them "Bridge Partners").

Levels of Support

Tier I: Giving provides one-time donations of up to $2,000.

This entry-level gift supports local or global projects, and members of the congregation who seek to gain experience in the missions field, but may not be ready to commit to full-time or long-term missions work. 


  • City Serve projects

  • Short-term mission trips that fit the mission, vision, and values of Crossbridge

  • Internships with local missions organization

Available monies for support are determined by the annual campus budget, and prior commitments. 

Tier II: Giving provides one time or recurring support of up to $5,000 annually.

This level of giving supports local or global projects aligned with Bridge Partners, and members of Crossbridge who are participating in long-term or multi-year missions projects. 


  • City Serve projects with Bridge Partners

  • Serving with a Local Bridge Partners on a long term basis, like Touching Miami with Love

  • Serving with a Global Bridge Partners on a long-term basis, like CRU

Available monies for support are determined by the annual campus budget, and prior commitments. 

Tier III: Giving provides long-term partnership and support, where Crossbridge members bring their time, talent, and treasure to invest into missions organization. This means there must be clear onramps for individuals to partner with their time and talent (if applicable), in addition to opportunities for large group engagement. 

Bridge Partners Examples: 

  • Touching Miami With Love

  • Mission of Hope | Haiti

  • City to City Miami

Requirements of a Bridge Partner:

  • Passionate belief in the power of the Gospel as the preeminent means of transforming people and culture

    • dresses Need, both physical, emotional, and spiritual

    • Church planting / Church support at the core of philosophy and strategy

    • Understanding of local culture and the most important and urgent ministry needs

    • Meaningful ways that Crossbridge can participate directly in the ministry with our time and talent, not just treasure (money), aka equal agency partnership

    • A desire for excellence in all things reflected in excellent leadership and effective use of resources

    • Must be guided by a model that “helps people help themselves”

    • Must carry a 501c3 tax exemption status

Available monies for support are determined by the annual campus budget, and prior commitments. 

Expectations of Bridge Partner:

  1. Written report on each individual project funded submitted to Mission Team

  2. Quarterly organization report submitted to the Mission Team

  3. Detailed plan submitted to Mission Team for any and all projects requesting funding

  4. Consistent and open communication concerning future projects and needs with Mission Teams point of contact

  5. Prepare one Sunday feature per year

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